Coyote Sightings Put Cheltenham Residents on Edge

Recent coyote sightings have residents in one Montgomery County township on edge, but police in the area are telling neighbors they likely don't have anything to worry about when it comes to the animals.

Cheltenham Police said they've received numerous calls recently from concerned community members about coyote sightings. They said sightings have been reported in Wyncote near Rices Mill Road and Brookdale, and on Crescent Road, Deaver Place and Hemlock Lane, in Laverock along the PECO high power lines, in Elkins Park on Cedar Road and Chelten Hills Drive, in Cheltenham along Tookany Creek Parkway, in Melrose Park at Coventry Park and on Parkview Road, and in the former Ashbourne Country Club and Melrose Country Club.

Several people reported seeing the animals in other areas in comments on the police department's Facebook post about coyotes.

"The primary reason for these calls is the concern for children and or pets. The secondary is the concern for rabies,” the Cheltenham Police Department wrote on its Facebook page.

This increase in coyote sightings is due to early morning hunting and availability of deer and rabbits in the area, police said.

Although residents are concerned, police said people only need to call if the coyote looks sick or is acting aggressive -- reports they haven't heard so far.

"We have not had any reports of coyotes acting aggressive or attacking anyone or their pet or any reports of rabid coyote. We cannot trap or remove the coyotes, they are native to the area,” police said.

They did warn to avoid leaving food outdoors for pets and to be vigilant of coyotes' early-morning hunting habits.

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