Smart Kids Get Spanked

Work hard, make good grades and then get punished for your accomplishments.

That's more or less the lesson some local kids are learning and we think the adults ought to be spanked for this one.

The op-ed piece in the Daily Local caught our eye and our ire on this story.

Chadds Ford Elementary got a coveted Blue Ribbon Award. Only a handful of schools in the state get recognized "for achieving superior standards of academic excellence."

When you're that good, of course you want to brag a bit. So the school put up a small sign to tout their Blue Ribbon status.

But Pennsbury Township's Zoning Czar nixed that because you can only have one sign up at a time on your property, according to the Daily Local. The school already has a sign: the one that tells you it's Chadds Ford Elementary.

Making an exception just for the school gets into fairness issues.

The school can pay $700 to basically make its case in front of town leaders, but that's more than it cost to make the sign and it doesn't even guarantee they'll get to put it back up.

Want to complain? We'll make it easy for you. Here's the email and here's the list of Pennsbury Township officials.

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