Center City Wawa Will Be Testing Ground For New Products

A new Wawa being built on 33 South 16th Street will be a testing ground for Wawa food, drinks and packaging.

Big things are coming for Wawa – but in a small space.

The 3,000 square-foot miniature Wawa being built at 33 S. 16th Street near One Liberty Place will serve as a testing ground for new products for the company.

Since the store is much smaller than most Wawas, it will revolve around a grab-and-go case filled with prepared foods.

But what really makes this store different is its outdoor walk-up window, where you can grab food you order through the Wawa app.

This walk-up window is the first of its kind for a Wawa in the Mid-Atlantic.

Another feature of the store will be its “Test Nest,” where Wawa will be trying out environmentally friendly alternatives to plastic lids, straws, bags and stirrers.

The store will still sell coffee and hoagies, but it will also feature new products like cold-pressed juices, energy shots and what it calls "upscale" hot tea.

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