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Center City Rape Suspect Arrested Near Scene of the Crime, Philadelphia Police Said, Second Man Sought

The man police say is the primary suspect remained on the loose Thursday

UPDATE: Primary rape suspect Archie Swinson was arrested late Thursday night.

An accomplice believed to have aided in the beating, rape and robbery of a woman in Center City was arrested near the scene of the crime, Philadelphia police said.

Kenneth Faixmel, a 38-year-old who also goes by the name Rashawn Spann, is charged with a “litany of offenses,” including rape, robbery, theft, aggravated assault, involuntary deviant sexual intercourse, unlawful restraint and receiving stolen property, among other charges, according to police.

Faixmel is not the primary suspect. Most of these charges against him are related to conspiracy, Philadelphia police Capt. Sekou Kinebrew said. Police believe he acted as a look-out for another man who commited those crimes.

“When two people conspire to commit one crime, crimes that unfold during that crime, they both will be charged,” Kinebrew explained.

A woman was sexually assaulted Sunday morning on Lombard Street near Jefferson Hospital and police are still searching for the suspects. NBC10 spoke with people in the neighborhood about the crime that has them on edge.

Faixmel was arrested Thursday morning around the same time and in the same vicinity where the attack happened Sunday. He was walking on the 1300 block of Locust Street when police recognized him from surveillance video released earlier this week. Faixmel was arrested on the spot.

That same video showed the victim walking on the 1300 block of Lombard Street Sunday morning around 5:30 a.m. A man walking in the opposite direction suddenly grabbed her by the neck and dragged her onto South Watts Street. There, she was repeatedly punched in the head and face while being sexually assaulted.

Faixmel acted as a look-out and helped steal her backpack, police said.

ArchieSWinson Center City sex Assault

Detectives are still looking for the primary suspect. His name is Archie Swinson or Archie Moore. He is 44 years old and has been seen on the 1200 block of Ludlow, 5600 block of Rodman Street and at a homeless shelter on South Broad Street. He will be charged with the same offenses as Faixmel.

“We know they know each other,” Kinebrew said. “To what extent, we don’t know.”

Faixmel has 41 prior arrests, mostly for theft and drug-related offenses, according to police. Swinson has 18 prior arrests.

Anyone who spots Swinson should call 911, Kinebrew said.

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