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Cell Phone Video Shows Chaos Inside School Bus Crash

High school senior Jenny Cohen captured video of her class trip to Dorney Park Tuesday. She and 36 others had no idea they were about to take a ride of a different kind.

"I turned around, I saw the 18-wheeler. My phone was up and they just hit us and I went flying," Cohen recounted.

She says the bus was having mechanical problems. It started to smoke. She tried to get video of that and within seconds the tractor-trailer struck them.

"The truck was going really fast. It's a highway and they couldn't tell we were stopped," she said.

The crash scene was on I-78 in Easton, Northampton County. The impact threw Cohen from her seat and into her friend who suffered a black eye.

"It happened so fast. Everyone was screaming. My friend who I hit was crying. We couldn't move because there was glass everywhere," said Cohen.

The Wayne Valley high school class trip didn't end up too badly for most of the students. They continued on to Dorney Park.

Five students suffered minor injuries and their trip was cut short.

"It was just nerve wracking," Cohen said. "I'm just relieved we're all fine though."

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