Cecilia Profy “was an amazing woman.”

Cecilia Profy walked just about everywhere. That's why so many people in Bristol Borough knew her. Her daily walk took a tragic turn Tuesday night.

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Porfy Family
Cecilia Profy was married for 62 years. Her children say their father depended on her a lot at this stage in his life.
Profy Family
Profy, a retired dressmaker who had owned her own business, was very active in her church and very active in the Bristol Borough community.
Oficina del Alguacil del Condado Hays
Cecilia's daughter, Cissy, says her mom was an amazing woman. "She was very independent her whole life. She never drove a car, so her walking around town, everybody knew her."
NBC10 Photographer Phil Houser
Kathy Spingler put a bow up for Profy near the accident scene. "She was very friendly, just a very sweet woman."
Oficina del Alguacil del Condado Hays
"We just want to know why he left. Maybe he's just scared, or frightened." Cecilia's son, Vince, hopes the driver will come forward.
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