Caught on Cam: Woman Struck by Police Cruiser, Then Charged With Jaywalking

New dashcam video was released of a Mercer County woman who was struck by a police cruiser and then charged with jaywalking only a few days later.

The Trentonian obtained video of Shamilla Wheeler being struck by a Hamilton Police car the night of Nov. 14, 2012 as she was crossing South Broad Street in Hamilton Township. Hamilton Police officer Joseph Zaburski was behind the wheel.

The eight second clip first shows a front view from the cruiser as it approaches Wheeler, who is walking in the middle of the street. It then switches to a rear view which shows Wheeler drop to the ground as the car continues forward.

The Trentonian also obtained a longer video, which reportedly shows Wheeler being carried off in a stretcher to a nearby hospital.

Wheeler filed a personal injury lawsuit last August.

The lawsuit accuses Officer Zaburski of driving his vehicle in a “negligent, unreasonable and unsafe manner.” Wheeler and her attorney also claimed the longer video shows police officers failing to secure the scene properly after the crash, according to the Trentonian.

Wheeler was issued a ticket for jaywalking five days after the accident when she was released from the hospital. The lawsuit states the ticket was “retaliatory” and “done with malice.”

Wheeler’s attorney also said his client was only issued a ticket because police feared she would sue the department and town after she told them she was seriously hurt and wanted to know who was responsible.

The attorney admitted his client was not in the crosswalk at the time of the accident however, the Trentonian reports. The Mercer County Prosecutor’s Office determined Officer Zaburski was not responsible for the accident and that the jaywalking charge was appropriate.

The ticket was transferred to Ewing municipal court because of the potential conflict of interest, according to the Trentonian. Wheeler’s attorney also said the ticket is still pending.

This story is developing. Stay with for updates.


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