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Caught-on-cam: Police save boy who nearly drowned in pool at the Jersey Shore

Margate police officers saved a 3-year-old boy who nearly drowned in a pool over Father's Day weekend

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Audio and video depict the dramatic rescue of a young boy who nearly drowned in a pool during a party at the Jersey Shore last month.

The ordeal unfolded back on Father’s Day weekend at a home in Margate, New Jersey, where a three-year-old boy was found unresponsive in a swimming pool.

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“We have a baby that fell in the pool,” the 911 caller says in audio obtained by NBC10.

“Is the baby breathing?” 911 dispatcher and Margate Police Communications Officer Kelly Ferrier asks.

“No! No! He’s not,” the caller replies.

“Does anyone know how to do CPR?” Ferrier asks.

“No,” the caller says.

“Ma’am, get me someone that can help the baby on the phone,” Ferrier replies.

“We don’t know who can help the baby,” the caller says.

Officials said a family member of the boy then performed CPR on the child as Margate police officers, including Officer James Costa, responded to the home. Once he arrived, Officer Costa immediately joined the team effort to revive the young boy.

“I took over compressions and after a couple times, [the boy] started coughing up water,” Officer Costa said.

Body camera footage shows the moment the boy revived.

“He let out the best sound ever. It was the equivalent of like hearing my kid born. Huge relief,” Officer Costa said. “Tried to comfort him a little bit. And passed him off to mom before he was sent off on the ambulance.”

The boy’s father is on the board of directors of a foundation run by celebrity chef Robert Irvine. Irvine’s foundation honored Officer Costa, Ferrier and the other first responders during a luncheon last week. The boy’s family also thanked them for saving the child’s life.

“A lot of people tend to forget 911 dispatchers and we carry a lot of calls with us,” Ferrier told NBC10. “To know that he made it and then to be able to meet him and his parents, was just heartwarming.”

Police said the incident is another example of how it can only take a second for a child to drown. They also said it's a reminder for parents to stay vigilant at all times.

“We take our son to the pool club all the time,” Officer Costa said. “And I definitely watch him a lot more now than I did before.”

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