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Caught on Cam: Masked Vandal Slashes Car With Butcher's Knife

Police are searching for a person who was caught on surveillance video slashing a woman’s vehicle with a butcher’s knife.

The woman, who lives on Newland Street in the Roxborough section of the city, told NBC10 her Mini Cooper was first vandalized in July of last year after a person placed nails in the tires.

The vandalism continued last October when someone put Superglue on her car’s door locks. A vandal then drove nails into three more of her tires in February.

The woman finally installed a surveillance camera outside her home. On March 22, the surveillance video captured a masked person in a trench coat using a 12-inch butcher’s knife to slash the tires, windows, roof and all sides of her car. In all, the vandalism caused $4,000 in damage, according to the woman.

Investigators are having trouble identifying the suspect because his or her face is not visible in the video. If you have any information on the culprit’s identity, please call Philadelphia Police.

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