13 Cats Rescued From North Philadelphia Home After Alleged Violations

Over a dozen cats have been rescued from a Northeast Philadelphia house by the Pennsylvania SPCA.

The PSCPA announced in a release Wednesday afternoon that it rescued 13 cats from a home in the Summerdale neighborhood of Philadelphia after numerous alleged violations including unsanitary confinement.

Humane Law Enforcement officers responded to a tip received on its PSCPA Cruelty hotline, Humane Law Enforcement officers executed a search warrant at Unruh and Summerdale streets. They found 10 adult cats and three kittens living in filthy conditions with trash and feces littered throughout the home.

The cats were transported to the Pennsylvania SPCA headquarters on Erie Avenue and have been released after further evaluation.

"Every animal deserves a clean and sanitary environment," said Pennsylvania SPCA CEO Jerry Buckley. "Hoarding is a serious issue that we deal with regularly. In addition to our law enforcement function, we are also committed to addressing animal hoarding through our outreach and education programs."

The investigation is ongoing and could result in charges being filed.

To report animal abuse, call the Pennsylvania SPCA's cruelty hotline at 1-(866)-601-SPCA.

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