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Cat Survives 10-Story Fall, Being ‘Thrown Away' After Trash Compactor Malfunction

A lucky cat at the Jersey Shore may be down to eight lives after surviving a 10-story fall and trash compactor.

Authorities in Atlantic County are ready to take action after a cat was discovered alive in a high-rise apartment building's garbage compactor after being thrown down the trash chute from 10 stories up, and they have video proof.

“It’s one of the lowest lows that can happen to an animal,” said Karen Reinecke, from the Atlantic County SPCA.

Surveillance video from the Baltic Plaza Apartment High-Rise in Atlantic City from Sunday night shows a woman and a man allegedly throwing away multiple bags of trash, one bag which Reinecke said shows the cat’s hind legs sticking out. Video of another trip to the trash chute seems to show the woman throw a litter box away.

The cat is lucky to be alive. Her life apparently spared thanks to the trash compactor malfunctioning. The cat was found shaken, but alive midday Monday. She is now recovering and being cared for in foster care.

“I am disgusted. I’m still disgusted. My heart hurts. My stomach is sick. Thanking God the cat is okay,” said Christine Boyle, the property manager of the Baltic Plaza.

Authorities say they plan to file animal cruelty charges once they track down the people in the video. If convicted, they could face fines and potentially jail time. 

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