Man Stabbed to Death as Cars Pass By

Several cars passed by as a man was stabbed to death Saturday.

Surveillance video captured multiple vehicles driving past the intersection of Broadway and Atlantic Avenue in Camden where a suspect fatally stabbed 57-year-old Timothy Appling, according to police.

The attack occurred around 2:45 a.m. and Appling died from his injuries several hours later at Cooper Hospital. Appling's daughter told NBC10 he was a father of seven and a grandfather of 17. She also says his killer stole $150 as well as his ID and social security card.

"The perpetrator was doing this in full view of people," said Jason Laughlin of the Camden County Prosecutor's Office. "He had to be aware of the cars behind him. The assault continues to happen on the video."

The video shows five different vehicles drive past the brutal attack.  Two cars stopped and one of those even circled back to get a closer look but no one got out to help him. One person eventually called 911.

"We have the advantage of knowing that there are witnesses out there and they could play a key role in bringing a killer to justice," Laughlin said.

The attacker can be seen in the video wearing a light-colored Carhartt jacket. 

Police are asking for the drivers to come forward to help identify the suspect.

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