Dan Stamm

Inferno at Delaware County Business Plaza Spreads to 15 Cars, Building

A fire at a facility in Colwyn, Delaware County spread to more than one dozen cars and a building Tuesday night as firefighters spent hours battling the inferno.

The two-alarm fire started at the Ellis Business Plaza on 522 Ellis Avenue around 11 p.m.. At least 15 cars caught fire and flames spread to a nearby building as more than 100 firefighters -- up to 150 people -- battled back the flames.

Firefighters had a water supply issue that led to crews re-positioning to attack the fire from above, said Darby Fire Chief Daniel Traband.

Firefighters got the blaze under control between 2 to 3 a.m.

Amazingly no one was hurt. People living nearby did however need to cover their faces to avoid breathing in the fumes.

"Hazmat was called because there was a cloud in the area and it was unknown what was burning inside the building," said Traband. "Hazmat did declare everything was safe."

Officials have not yet determined a cause. Several witnesses reported hearing the sound of an explosion during the fire and firefighters said it felt like the earth shook.

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