Temple University

Family Escapes After Car Catches Fire at Temple University

A woman and her family escaped injury after their car caught fire at Temple University's campus Tuesday evening.

Glenetta Jones told NBC10 she pulled up to the Bank of America near Broad Street and the 1500 block of Cecil B. Moore Avenue. She went to the ATM to get money while her aunt, daughter and infant grandson were inside the car. Suddenly she heard her daughter yell.

"My daughter said, 'Mom, the car is smoking,'" Jones said. "As I come out the car is in flames on the right hand side in the front. And I tell them to get out the car."

Jones quickly took her grandson out of the vehicle as her aunt and daughter also got out. They then ran to safety as the flames continued to spread. Several witnesses began recording as the vehicle was engulfed in flames. One viewer even captured the moments that the car appeared to explode.

"When we got out of there it exploded," Jones said. "Boom! Very loud!"

Responding firefighters were able to put out the flames. No one was injured during the ordeal.

Jones told NBC10 she's unsure what caused her car to catch fire though she did mention a recall letter she received a few weeks ago.

"Chrysler sent us a letter in the mail 2 1/2 weeks ago or so and said there was a recall on that make and model for the airbag," she said. "I did see the check engine light come on. The airbag sign came on and the airbag flasher came on. I don't know. I don't know what it is."

Officials continue to investigate.

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