Car Flies Through Taco Bell Window, Injures 5

Five people were injured when a car crashed into an East Norriton Taco Bell, Wednesday afternoon.

Police say that the Taco Bell on Dekalb Pike and Colonial Drive was packed for lunch when the sedan came crashing through a window, pinning a female customer underneath.

"It was an explosion of glass, a horrible sound. Then it takes you a second to get your wits together and then you say, there was somebody underneath that car," says witness Robert Martinez.

The woman was flown to Hahnemann hospital with serious injuries.

"She had some serious injuries, her legs were backwards, there was blood ad she was having problems breathing," witness John Barringer told NBCPhiladelphia.

Another victim, Daisy Laubert of Hatfield, was airlifted to the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. She’s twice survived breast cancer.  Her husband called her the strongest woman he knows.

“Every time something happens to her, it makes me want to love her a little bit more” said Ray Laubert.

Laubert told NBC 10’s Claudia Rivero his wife spoke with the driver seconds after the crash. “He said he didn’t even remember going through the window.  After he got out, he asked if everyone was OK and how did I get here?”

Three other victims were rushed to Mercy Hospital.

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