Canine Coverage: A Look at the National Dog Show

Philadelphians are getting a sneak peek of the National Dog Show, Friday, ahead of the two day competition this weekend. Take a look at some of the best images from last year's annual event.

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Steve Griffith
Steve Griffith
The 85th annual National Dog Show comes to the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center Nov. 17 and 18.
Simon Bruty
Dogs are divided into seven groups determined by breed, with the winner of each competing for the prized "Best in Show."
Simon Bruty
John O'Hurley (Left) and David Frei (Right) host the annual competition, and will be present for Friday's Center City event.
Featured in the agility portion of the event are hurdles.
Simon Bruty
Competitions also include "disc dog", a sport reflecting the bond between the handler and their dog through the use of a flying disc.
This handler guides her dog over the bars, part of the agility skills-based competition.
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