Camo-Wearing Teens Nearly Arrested for Realistic Game of Manhunt

A realistic game of manhunt almost turned tragic for a group of Bucks County teens, according to investigators.

On August 5, around 3:45 a.m., Newtown Township Police were called to South Lancaster Lane in Newtown Crossing for a report of three suspicious men carrying flashlights and walking around a woman’s yard.

Responding police officers spotted the movement of flashlights near the condominiums on Leedom Way. An officer walked within 20 yards of the lights, illuminated his flashlight and announced his arrival. The officer then spotted two teenage boys dressed in camouflage pants and tactical vests.

Investigators say the two teens began to run away and the officer chased after them. The teens finally stopped after they were ordered to do so by the officer.

As he ran towards the teens, the officer says he noticed one of the boys was carrying what appeared to be a handgun. The officer ordered the teen to drop the gun to the ground which he did. After another officer arrived, the second teen claimed that the gun was an “Airsoft” gun and not real. He then claimed that he also had an “Airsoft” gun inside his tactical vest.

As the officers recovered the second gun, a third teen yelled at them from behind a dumpster approximately 50 yards away. The teen was also dressed in tactical gear and claimed he was placing his “Airsoft” rifle on the ground and would come over to speak with police.

The three teens, two 13-year-olds and one 16-year-old, from Newtown Crossing, claimed they were playing a game of “manhunt” with their “Airsoft” guns, according to the Advance of Bucks County. The teens were not charged but scolded by the officers and taken home to their parents.


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