“Call Chad”

An NBC employee spotted this "Call Chad" sign hanging from the Belmont Ave. railroad bridge in Manayunk Wednesday.

So the burning question is, who is Chad? Why did he hang a sign with his phone number on it? Is he looking for a job, a date, or was this an April Fools’ joke?

We did what a lot of curious folks did, we picked up the phone and called Chad. He had no idea what we were talking about.

He actually thought our phone call was a prank. We told him that we would email pictures of the proof but he insisted we were not calling from NBC and our phone call was an April Fools' joke.

Chad has been emailed the proof and he is now a believer.

We now know that Chad's friend Matt is responsible for this hilarious prank. Chad and Matt play on the lacrosse team together at St. Joseph's University.  The sign was hung last night with the help of some other friends according to Matt.

He chose the Belmont Ave. bridge because he knew the sign would get lots of attention there.  

It's safe to say Matt's plan worked.

Now you can meet Chad for yourself:

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