Button the Hippo Celebrates 22nd Birthday at Adventure Aquarium

Button the Hippo is getting her own weekend-long birthday party to celebrate her “golden year” at Adventure Aquarium.

Adventure Aquarium’s 3,000lb sweetheart is getting all the spotlight this weekend.

Button, one half of a hippopotami pair at the Camden aquarium, turned 22-years-old on Friday, and staff are making sure to celebrate in a big way.

A hippo’s 22nd birthday is considered their "golden year," or midlife, because hippos generally live 40-50 years.

To celebrate Button’s big milestone, the aquarium has “hippo-sized” events planned all weekend.

From Friday to Sunday, guests can watch Button and her fellow hippo, Genny, chow down on a hand-carved fruit and veggie cake made by the aquarium’s staff.

Hippo Haven will also be transformed with golden decorations. At the entrance of Hippo Haven, guests can sign a giant birthday card for Button.

To wrap up the last two nights there will be "hippo bedtime" where you can wish Button a happy birthday and a good night.

For more information about Button’s 22nd birthday party, click here.

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