Local Business Builds 15-Foot Snowman

Only a day after we received a photo of a 10-foot snowman, another local resident topped it with a 15-footer.

This time it wasn’t local children who built the snowy behemoth but instead a Chester County business owner. Patricia Yoder, who sent us the photo, told NBC10 that it was built by James Weaver, owner of Weaver’s Mulch Company in Coatesville.

“We built it here with our loaders… we sort of just go the idea when some of the workers talked about it yesterday,” said Weaver.

“We basically created a huge snow pile with the loaders and then we just sort of carved it out using the loaders and rakes and shovels and stuff.”

“It took about three hours to construct,” Yoder said.

Weaver said they didn't name the snowman but he did reveal how they found that huge scarf.

"That is actually a Filtrexx filter sock that you put a mulch product in it for erosion control and it's just an empty one," Weaver said. "It works great for a scarf.

Weaver said in the 27 year history of his company they had never built a mega snowman like this before.

He said that if another huge snow comes they could try to do it again.

"I guess we'll see what happens," said Weaver.

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