Bus Shooting Prompted by Angry Mother: Cops

New details emerged about a shooting at a SEPTA bus last June in North Philadelphia. Back on June 18, police say two gunmen shot at a Route 47 bus full of passengers on 7th and Cecil B. Moore Avenue around 6 p.m.

Police arrested six people who they say were connected to the shooting, according to the Inquirer.

During a preliminary hearing on Thursday, a witness gave an account of what led to the incident, which was also captured on surveillance video.

The Inquirer reports that Lefenus Pickett told the court that the ordeal began when he got on the bus and saw 20-year-old Penny Chapman sitting a few seats in front of him with her son.

According to Pickett, Chapman began to spank her son when he started running up and down the aisle of the bus. Pickett began to complain, claiming that Chapman was abusing her child. His comment sparked an argument between the two which soon escalated.

Pickett then told the court that Chapman called someone on her cell phone. Chapman then left the bus with her son when it stopped at Cecil B. Moore Avenue.

As she got off, police say she was met by Angel Lecourt, the brother of the father of Chapman’s son. Chapman allegedly pointed at Pickett and told Lecourt to shoot him.

Moments later, police say that brothers Karon and Raheem Patterson approached the bus armed with weapons and fired 13 shots at the passengers.

"When I heard the first two shots I pretty much was just in a zone after that just to get out," said Desmond Jones, the driver of the bus.

Jones quickly drove off until he escaped the gunmen and arrived at Temple Hospital where he called police. Amazingly, none of the passengers were injured.

Chapman, the Patterson brothers and Lecourt are all charged with attempted murder, conspiracy and other charges, according to the Inquirer.

They will go to trial at the end of August.

The Inquirer also reports that the judge dismissed charges against two other people who were at the shooting but appeared to do nothing.

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