Megabus, School Bus Crash on Philly Highway

At least six people were hurt when a budget-travel bus, a school bus and a minivan crashed this morning near the intersection of two of Philadelphia’s major highways.

A double-decker Megabus collided with a school bus and at least two other vehicles along I-676 westbound approaching I-76 (The Schuylkill Expressway) in Center City.

At least six people were rushed to the hospital from the scene, according to dispatchers. Pennsylvania State Police tell NBC10 that none of the injuries appear life-threatening.

No information was given about the severity of the injuries or what vehicles the injured people were in at the time of the wreck.

The Megabus came to a stop in the middle of the roadway while the school bus pulled over further up the highway. The back of the yellow bus appeared to be dented in. A red minivan also appeared to have damage.

One lane of traffic squeezed past the Megabus along the left shoulder but the damage was done and traffic backed up down I-676.

Shortly after noon the Megabus was removed from the scene. The damaged school bus and minivan however remained on the shoulder for another 30 minutes or so.

Megabus tweeted a statement about the wreck in a series of two tweets shortly after noon:

“  is aware that an incident has occurred near Philadelphia. We are currently working with local officials to gather details and will provide an updated statement to you as soon as possible.”

Shortly before 1 p.m. traffic began moving normally along I-676.

This was the latest crash to involve a Megabus. Back in July, a bus that originated in Pennsylvania struck a Manhattan overpass. Last summer, a person died in a Megabus crash in Illinois. And, a Temple University student was among four dead passengers when a Megabus slammed into a low railroad bridge outside Syracuse, N.Y. in September 2010.

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