Burglary Spree in Philly Neighborhood

Burglars seem to love one Philadelphia neighborhood.

They've struck close to 30 homes in Roxborough over the past few weeks.

Now police are out in force, trying to stop them.

Each time the thieves use a tool to pry open a door, then act fast, grabbing jewelry, cash or whatever they can find…even a few flat screen TV's, police said Thursday.

The only problem is that no one has seen them in action.
"Its crazy!" said resident Heather Felix. "I'm always in my kitchen so I can see the street when my neighbor was hit directly across the street were out that day it got broken into...there's been a number of people just in this area that I'm friends with that got hit, they have no idea what's going on here."

Police are stepping up patrols in the neighborhood and they're passing out flyers so that residents are aware and stay alert.

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