Burglars Smash Through Car Windows in Quiet Neighborhood

Police are on the hunt for burglars who they say broke into over a dozen cars in an upscale neighborhood in Moorestown, New Jersey.

“These are quiet neighborhoods,” said Moorestown Police Lieutenant Lee Lieber. “You would think someone would hear this crime being committed."

Investigators say the culprit or culprits hit 13 cars overnight on Sunday in the Laurel Creek Estates neighborhood near Inverness Drive, Doral Court and Troon Court. Five of the targeted vehicles had their windows smashed in.

“They are rifling through the vehicles looking for loose change and small bills people left in the vehicle,” said Lieutenant Lieber.

Police say the crooks only made off with a wallet, a pocketbook and a small amount of cash. According to investigators, some of the targeted cars had nothing missing at all.

“I had heard they were looking for change and iPhones, that sort of thing,” said Elyse Harrop. “One of my friends had her car broken into. They didn’t take anything. Another one had her windows smashed.”

Investigators also say the burglars may be responsible for a rash of car break-ins in nearby Mount Laurel, along Fox Croft and Stern Light drives. Similarly to the Moorestown break-ins, police say the burglars in Mount Laurel broke into unlocked cars overnight in the driveways of several homes.

If you have any information on the break-ins, please call Moorestown or Mount Laurel Police.

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