Bullied Upper Darby Teen Speaks Out

The young teen who gained notoriety after he was the target of a violent bully attack that was caught on cell phone camera is becoming an ambassador for the anti-bullying movement.

Nadin Khoury, now 14, is a freshman at Wyncote Academy in Montgomery County and is set to speak in Washington, D.C. Friday at the launch of a non-profit group’s anti-bullying campaign, according to the Inquirer.

The teen was videotaped being bullied by a group of other boys in Upper Darby last winter. The video went viral, the alleged attacker’s went to court and the issue of bullying became national news.

Khoury even appeared on The View where he received support from Eagles DeSean Jackson and Todd Herremans.

Khoury is at Wyncote -- a school catering to students who’ve been picked on. The school is helping him gain confidence while encouraging his growth and education, according to the Inky.

"When I was being bullied, I didn't really stand up for myself too much because I was a loner," Khoury told the Inky.

"Don't listen to them, 'cause they're going to beat you up anyway," he said. "You might as well tell."

Besides becoming a voice against bullying, Khoury is serving as an “ambassador” for Listen to Our Voices. The educational program is intended to promote anti-bullying and would air during the school year, according to BullyWise.com.

“He’s basically lending his voice to speak up against bullying so that other children don’t have to go through what he went through,” Joelle Goode, founder and CEO of JMG Productions and executive producer of Listen to Our Voices, told BullyWise.

Khoury will have a lot of people in his corner. Besides his parents and Wyncote head of school Kirk Hittinger, Khoury gets encouragement from a texting relationship with Eagles star DeSean Jackson.

DeSean’s mother will even be at Khoury’s speaking event Friday.

"DeSean's mom has taken a big lead in that in helping other NFL moms to get involved," Goode told the Inquirer.

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