Bulldog Blog: Lower Merion Raises Hope for Haiti

In the aftermath of one of the biggest disasters in recent memory Lower Merion high school and the other schools in the district have collaborated their efforts to raise money and relief for those in earthquake-ravaged Haiti.

LM is having many fundraisers and collections throughout the days at different schools. On Monday, during Martin Luther King Day of service students collected more than two hundred dollars from a bake sale.

But this is a story about people.

The destruction over in Haiti had a personal connection to one of Lower Merion’s top guys. Assistant Principal Wagner Marseille is from Haiti and sadly still has family on the island that as of Friday he still hadn’t heard from. His uncle on his mother’s side was last seen going to a supermarket.

Dr. Marseille told me about his childhood, he said although he only lived there for a few years of his life “you learn very quickly that you must do a lot with a little” and after the earthquake that little has turned into barely anything.

As for what the community is doing for his hometown, Dr. Marseille couldn’t be more grateful.

“The passion and democratic citizenship that I have witnessed from LM in the past week has been something I’ll never forget,” he said.

He went on to tell me that the slogan here at school “Enter to Learn, go fourth to serve” is not only a cliché but also it is the truth “It has become embedded in the humanitarian spirit that lives in every student in this building,” he said.

“The outpourings of support via prayers and donations have exceeded my wildest expectations.”

If you want to learn more, or even make a donation to LMSD’s fundraiser check out their Web site. And as always feel free to drop me an email.

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