Building Under Construction Crumbles in NoLibs

A building that was under construction in the Northern Liberties section of Philadelphia collapsed tonight.

NBC10 was at the scene at 4th Street and Girard Avenue, where piles of bricks were on the sidewalk surrounding the house.

"It was a really loud bang-crash sound, so I thought it was car wreck on Girard Avenue so I came running out to look and saw the firemen running over and saw the bricks in the street," said Christina Sirochman, who lives nearby.

Authorities say nobody was injured when the side of the building crumbled around 9 p.m.

Fire crews have blocked off access to the house. Philadelphia's Licenses and Inspections are heading out to the scene.

Neighbors say this isn't the first time this building has collapsed. "Right after Hurricane Sandy it collapsed," said Sirochman. "I wish the owner would do a little more with it and secure it and make sure that it's safe for people to walk by."


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