Pa. Pilot Fires Gun While High on Drugs: Cops

Langhorne man accused of shooting his gun through 2 neighbors' apartments while high on drugs. Police say they found clean urine in his home that he would allegedly use to pass drug tests.

A Bucks County pilot is accused of firing a gun into his neighbor’s apartment and what cops allegedly found when they entered his apartment to investigate the shooting, put the pilot in even more trouble.

Justin Levitt, 29, a pilot for an aircraft company in Chester County, is accused of reckless endangerment, discharging his weapon into a structure, possession of marijuana and related charges after police say they found drugs and clean urine in Levitt’s Langhorne, Pa. apartment.

Police said he would use the clean urine to pass pilot’s drug tests.

According to investigators, Levitt, a former Navy Pilot who left the military last year, woke up his neighbor at the Windsor at Harper’s Crossing apartments Thursday night. A bullet had gone from Levitt’s apartment into the unit next door and eventually stopped in the apartment above that.

Both sets of neighbors were home and luckily no one was hurt.

Middletown Township Police said that Levitt told them that he sleeps with his gun under his pillow and that it accidentally went off.

But inside Levitt’s apartment, police said they found heroin, marijuana, and bottles of clean urine in his flight bag. According to the police report, Levitt says he buys the urine to use for drug tests so he won't lose his pilot's license. The report also states that Levitt told officers he snorted heroin after getting home from work earlier that night.

The police report says that Levitt flew the day of the incident for DCS Aviation, of Paoli, Pa., from Chester County to New Jersey and then supervised a pilot on a flight to Rhode Island.

Levitt’s employer told NBC10’s Katy Zachry "no comment" and hung up. Officers said they don't know if Levitt was high when he flew.

After spending a few nights in jail, Levitt posted $25,000 cash bail Monday. He is due back in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday, according to court records.

Police say that federal investigators could be called in to investigate further.

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