Brrrrrr — Cold Temps = Hot Prices at Philly Zoo

Looking to let out your wild side this winter? Well the Philly Zoo is offering a cheap way to get in touch with the wild.

The cost of admission to the Philadelphia Zoo is getting an assist from Mother Nature.

The temperature outside will determine the cost to get inside the Zoo on weekdays (excluding Holidays) from now until the end of February.

The "Pay The Weather" promo works like this:

Go to the Zoo's Web site (conveniently linked right here) and print out the promo coupon.

If the high temp is in the 30s, the cost is $3
A high in the 40s -- $4 to get into the Zoo
The 50s and it will cost $5

You get the drift.

The best deal is if the temperatures don't break the teens. It will only cost a buck to get to see all the animals and exhibits.

The people over at the Zoo want to remind people that there are plenty of heated areas at America's Oldest Zoo including the Amphibian House and Primate Reserve.

The Zoo is open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. through the end of February.

The "Pay the Weather" promo is valid weekdays only.

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