Broke in Philly: What Would You Ask Local Candidates About Jobs in Philly?

It’s no secret that Philadelphia is the country’s poorest major city. Our poverty rate hovers at a stubborn 26 percent. We have high rates of drug addiction, food insecurity and economic disparity.

But democracy gives all residents the opportunity to address these issues directly with their elected leaders. And with a city election coming up in May, now is the time to make your voice heard.

What questions do you want answered from local candidates? If you had five minutes with Mayor Jim Kenney or a City Council member, what would you ask them about job growth, or stagnation, in Philadelphia?

Vote for your favorite question below. We will work with our Broke in Philly media partners to have your question answered by candidates running for mayor and City Council. If you can’t access the form below, click here to submit your questions.

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