Hey, Racers! Here Are the Philadelphia Murals You Can See During the Blue Cross Broad Street Run

With the Broad Street Run only a week away, here's a guide to the Philadelphia murals you'll see during the race.

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"Once Upon a Beanstalk" will be the first mural runners will see on on May 6. It is located at 1420b Belfield Ave. and was painted by artists Mike Smash and Juan Dimida.
Created by artist David McShane, the mural of Jackie Robinson pays homage to the first African American to play in Major League Baseball in the modern era. This piece was created by using several photos from Robinson's career and is found at 2308 N. Broad St.
The North Philadelphia Beacon Project is the combined effort of hundreds of volunteers, community members and artist James Burns. The project can be found at 2701 North Broad St., but the word "RISE" can be seen for miles. On the opposite side of the building the word "SHINE" can be found.
"Our Vision, Our Testament" is one of few Philadelphia murals that is divided into sections due to the architecture of the building where it was painted. It is located at 2534 N. Broad St. and was created by James Burns in collaboration with Sobriety Through Outpatient (S.T.O.P).
"Tribute to Grover Washington, Jr." is an homage to the Philadelphia jazz musician. It's located at Broad and Diamond streets.
"The Harvest Field," created by artist John Lewis, is located at 716 North Broad St.
"Words and Voices" can be seen above the entrance to the Benjamin Franklin High School and depicts the eyes of the school's founding father. Artist Donald Gensler created the mural.
Located at the intersection of Broad and Spring Gardens Streets, "Common Threads Through Time" is one of the first murals runners will see as they enter Center City. Painted by Meg Saligman, the mural shows contemporary youth imitating the postures of historical figures.
Toward Center City runners will begin to see some of Philadelphia's larger murals. The 6,500-square-foot "Evolving Face of Nursing" includes portraits and words alongside modern medical symbols and nursing imagery. This mural was painted by artists Meg Saligman and James Shuster and is located at the intersections of Broad and Vine streets.
The next mural on Broad Street brought a group of 13 artist students together to make "How to Turn Anything Into Something Else." This mural can be found at 219 N. Broad St. According to the artists, the project is meant to represent their abstract interpretation of the world.
Located at intersection of Lombard and Broad streets, "Theatre of Life" was created by Meg Saligman and Juan Dimida. This piece is said to represent people's different roles the world.
"A View of Italy" created by Brian Senft can be seen next to the Broad Street Diner, at 1135 S. Broad St.
"76ers: Beyond the Court" can be found at 1398 Federal St. The project was painted by Erenel Martinez, who says the piece is an homage to Philly's local basketball heroes, the 76ers.
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