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Tips for Dealing With a Rainy Blue Cross Broad Street Run

A little weary about possible running in the rain at Sunday's Blue Cross Broad Street Run? Here are some tips

NBC10 digital producer Dan Stamm has completed eight Blue Cross Broad Street Runs (including one in a downpour) and 10 marathons (some in the rain). He has also completed numerous 5Ks, half marathons and other distance runs in a variety of conditions from cold to scorching heat.

I don’t consider myself an expert but I know a thing or two about running, and even running in the rain thanks to my experiences. Here are a few tips (from myself and the experts at Runner’s World) for Blue Cross Broad Street Run participants not used to dreary conditions or not used to running 10-miles drenched.

Manage expectations: With rain comes slipperier roads and likely slower times. If you don’t quite hit your goal, don’t beat yourself up, look behind you, you still beat plenty of people. [[34815779, C]]

Wear the right clothes: Heavy clothing light sweatpants and shirts might keep you warm but they get heavy as they get wet. I suggest wearing light tech material clothing and running tights if you want to stay warm – the tighter the item, the less likely you will chafe. A hat – ideally a waterproof cap – can also help keep the rain out of your face and your head warm.

Wear the right socks: The moisture could increase your chance of getting blisters so wear socks that wick moisture away and also place some anti-chafing agent on problem spots on your feet.

Protect from chafing: Talking about chafing (it's a dirty word)... Use a petroleum-based product or an anti-chafing cream that can withstand the moisture and prevent chafing – target arms, inner thighs, feet, bra lines and nipples with the lube. I personally also bandage my nipples to prevent irritation.

Stay hydrated: Just cause it’s raining and a little chilly doesn’t mean you don’t need to stay hydrated. Be sure to get water and Gatorade from the stations along the way. Also, drink fluids starting the day before the race.

Get out of the wet clothes: Once you cross the finish line and grab your well-deserved medal, be sure to change into drier clothing as quickly as possible. Pack a pair of comfortable sandals in your checked bag and take off those running shoes and wet socks post-race. [[377458291, C]]

Stay Calm: It’s rain, you’ve seen it before, you’ll see it again. Smile, stick your tongue out if you want, and enjoy the trip down Broad Street.

Keep an eye out for Dan Stamm and the rest of the NBC10 Team at the 2016 Blue Cross Broad Street Run.

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