Brazen Wedding Dress Thief Sought in NJ

The woman planned the whole theft out -- but not well enough, because she was recorded by a security camera on her way out

Police are looking for a woman who brazenly swiped an expensive wedding dress from a New Jersey shop, and they say she even had a group of friends and a young child in on the act.

Sanh Truong, owner of the Seng Couture shop in Fanwood, said the $5,000 dress was stolen over a week ago, when the woman came into the store with her friends.

"We put them in the fitting room to try on -- they had a kid, they had a teenager -- they were there to distract us," said co-owner and Truong's wife Chamroen Seng. 

The woman even had a girl who appeared to be her daughter involved. 

"The kid asked for my wife to go buy pizza and go buy a drink," said Truong. "We say, 'This is a boutique store, not a restaurant.'"

Truong said about six women in the group stayed in the dressing room, distracting his wife's view. And then one of them -- the thief -- emerged, opened the door and walked out of the store with the dress. The girl ran behind her. 

The woman appeared to be paying no attention to the child.

"I guess she was more worried about stealing the dress than her own child, or whosever child that is," said Fanwood Police Chief Richard Trigo. "It's pretty disturbing." 

Anyone who recognizes the woman in the video is asked to contact Fanwood Police at 908-322-5000 ext. 119.

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