Brandywine Valley SPCA Saves 56 Animals from Puerto Rico

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Three quarters of the 56 animals rescued from Puerto Rico as a part of the 'Breathing Room' mission have been adopted so far, but a few are still looking for their forever homes, including Rubio and Tina.
Rubio the terrier mix is a true lap dog. He gets along with other dogs and would do well in any type of home.
Tina, the 3-year-old Dachshund is a little more active than her pal Rubio. She is dog friendly and would fit into most homes, especially if there is an active person she can play with.
Brandywine Valley SPCA
Dogs are routinely dumped in Puerto Rico, leaving them to live a life of starvation, illness and cruelty.
Brandywine Valley SPCA
The animals flew out of Puerto Rico Saturday morning, arriving in Fort Lauderdale Saturday afternoon then making the journey up the East Coast to 11 different shelters throughout the region.
Brandywine Valley SPCA
“We’re excited to be part of such an important initiative,” said Adam Lamb, BVSPCA CEO.
Brandywine Valley SPCA
“This is what our Second Chance Program is all about when it comes to opening doors to homes that might not otherwise be possible and also supporting those local communities in their drive for change. We make the biggest difference when we all work together," Lamb continued.
Brandywine Valley SPCA
The Brandywine SPCA accepts pets as part of their Second Chance Program, which pulls animals from shelters to give them the opportunity to find loving families. The 25 cats came from a sanctuary that is closing its cat program.
Brandywine Valley SPCA
The animals will become available for adoption following assessment, spaying/neutering and any needed adjustment period.
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