Bra Bandit Sentenced to Prison

A man who admitted to stealing a woman's underwear from her home was sentenced to prison on Wednesday.

In January 2012, police arrested Kornwell Chan of Dresher, Pa., on charges of burglary, criminal trespass, stalking and related offenses.

Chan and the victim took the same train into Philadelphia every morning and, beginning in October 2011, the two would exchange greetings as they waited for the train at Oreland station.

After a few weeks, Chan began acting more familiar with the woman, making her feel uncomfortable to the point in which she began avoiding any chance of running into him.

During Christmas 2011, the woman came home to find someone had broken into her house. The only items stolen from the home were her bras and underwear.

All of the framed family photos in the house had been turned face-down, except for a photo of the victim. That photo was moved onto the dining room table, standing all alone.

During the investigation police discovered surveillance video showing Chan making multiple attempts to locate the victim or her car at the train station, in the weeks after the burglary. Police also discovered that Chan called the woman’s house nine times during the days between Christmas and New Year’s.

When police finally searched Chan’s home they found the victim’s bras and underwear.

Chan pleaded guilty to the charges against him in December 2012. On Wednesday, he was sentenced to 11 1/2 to 23 months in prison. Upon release, he will have eight years of probation.

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