Mom of Boy Shot in Apparent Road-Rage Incident Issues Stern Warning to Shooters

A 13-year-old boy shot during an apparent road-rage incident overnight remained at a local hospital Wednesday afternoon being treated for three gunshot wounds, and his mother issued a stern warning from his bedside for the people responsible for hurting her son.

Kyon Griffin's mother, livid at the violence inflicted on her young son, told NBC10 that the police had better find Kyon's shooter before her family gets a hold of him, warning, she'll "bite the driver's head off as if she's a pit bull."

Kyon, who loves to dance, will pull through, the mother said, but the shooting ruined his summer.

The boy is so swollen from his injuries, his family told NBC10's Cydney Long, that doctors can't yet operate on him to remove a bullet lodged in his right upper arm. Kyon also suffered gunshot wounds to his foot and knee in the incident.

Kyon became of victim of an apparent road-rage shooting outside his home on Darien Street near Bristol in Philadelphia's Hunting Park neighborhood late Tuesday. Police say a woman driving a newer-model white car, possibly a Honda, sped down the street and nearly hit children playing on the block, so neighbors urged her to slow down.

The woman drove off the block, only to return minutes later, this time with an armed man in her car, police said. The man fired several shots down the block from the car, wounding Kyon.

"There was an argument between the female driver of the vehicle and several of the pedestrians that were almost struck by the vehicle," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

“The front seat passenger, the male, reportedly exited the vehicle and began firing shots north on Darien Street,” said Small.

Kyon stood steps from his front door when he was struck. The boy was not involved in the initial road-rage incident.

The gunman -- described by police as a heavy-set bearded black man about 5 feet 9 who wore a white T-shirt -- fired at least eight shots into the crowd of about two dozen people ranging from 2 years old to mid-20s. That man remained on the loose later Wednesday. Police described the woman driving the vehicle as a Hispanic woman about 24 to 29 years old with a light complexion and long hair.

Investigators hoped surveillance cameras would help them find the shooter. Anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia Police.

A few hours later a 14-year-old girl was shot while her friends played with a gun inside a Philadelphia home.

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