Boy Sexually Assaulted by Teen in SW Philly

Officers broke through a window of a row home in order to save a boy from what turned out to be a sexual assault.

The 10-year-old rode his bike to a home along the 1600 block of 58th Street around 1:30 p.m. Thursday afternoon and then was drug inside, police said.

Neighbors described hearing some roughhousing, but called police when the sounds turned violent.

"It really sounded really explicit and violent," said next-door neighbor Lonnie Mitchell.

Officers attempted to enter the house, but were forced to scale the house and break through an upstairs window. The naked boy then came running out screaming that someone tried to rape him, neighbors said.

"It was horrific. It's nuttin' you'd wanna see ever," Mitchell said.

He was wrapped in blankets and quickly taken to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

Walter Vicks, 19, ran into the back alley where police apprehended him. He was taken to the hospital to be treated for injuries sustained during the chase and arrest.

Vicks was taken to the Special Victims Unit in Kensington. He faces sexual assault charges.

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