Boy Accused of Brutally Beating 1-Year-Old Cat

A 1-year-old cat is recovering after officials say she suffered a brutal beating at the hands of a young boy. 

Witnesses told the Delaware County SPCA they saw the 11-year-old boy beating the female brown tabby cat against the guard rail of the Pine Street Bridge in the Darby Borough on Sunday.

After beating the animal, the boy allegedly tried to throw the cat into the river below.

“Fortunately, he missed the river and the cat was able to scurry away to safety,” said Humane Society Police Officer Ron Riggle.

The witnesses alerted authorities who then rushed the cat to an emergency facility where she received a full-body scan.

The cat is currently in the care of the Delaware County SPCA. Officials say she initially had trouble walking but is now making a steady recovery.

The SPCA also plans to pursue animal cruelty charges against the 11-year-old boy.

The cat, who officials renamed “Darby,” will be held at the Delco SPCA as the investigation continues.

If you have any information on Darby’s owner, please call 610-566-1370 x222.

SPCA officials are also requesting donations for Darby’s medical care. Donations can be made to the Delco SPCA website or mailed to the Delco SPCA at 555 Sandy Bank Road, Media, PA 19063.


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