Details on “Bonnie's” Troubled Past

The woman known as the "Bonnie" of ID Theft has a history of problems

Beneath "Bonnie" a.k.a Jocelyn Kirsch's stunning good looks is a girl who grew up in a highly dysfunctional family and suffered emotional problems long before she faced criminal problems.

She pleaded guilty in July 2008, to conspiracy, aggravated identity theft, access device fraud, bank fraud, and money laundering stemming from incidents occurring over a year or so from 2006 to 2007. 

Kirsch and her then boyfriend Edward Anderton stole others identities to fund a lavish lifestyle of exotic travel, meals and fashion. The story and photos of the young attractive couple's crime spree have captivated people all over the globe.

Here is a closer look at some details coming out in the press:

Emilie Lounsberry with the Philadelphia Inquirer reported on "the psychologically troubled back story of Kirsch." 

Lounsberry: Kirsch's father was incapable of  real emotional connection, according to Kirsch.

Kirsch's rap sheet goes back to her middle school days. She started shoplifting back in middle school and continued straight into college where she was arrested multiple times for shoplifting. According to the International Business Times she even stole her father car when she was only 14.

Kirsch experienced a dysfunctional family life: Her father gave her breast implants for her 18th birthday and even performed the surgery himself. He mother left the family and moved to California right after Kirsch graduated high school, according to the Inqy.

The Inquirer article also discussed Kirsch's strained relationship with her brother. She hasn't spoke to her only brother in years, according to the article.

Kirsch's brother beat her from a young age, according to an account that Kirsch gave to psychologist Allan M. Tepper .

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