Bonnie Sweeten Gets 8 Years for $1M Fraud

Bucks County mother who tricked her boss and a relative to give her $1 million and then faked a carjacking has been sentenced to eight years in prison

Bonnie Sweeten is going to jail for eight years, a judge decided Thursday.

The Feasterville mother who triggered a nationwide search (and later outrage) when she faked a carjacking by calling 911 and reporting two black men had kidnapped her and her 9-year-old daughter, has been sentenced to eight years in prison for swindling her boss and an elderly relative of $1 million before her fateful trip.

Sweeten already served a year in county jail for the false 911 call.

Sweeten says she wanted the money for fertility treatments after a second marriage, and for an upscale home and other luxuries.

The 40-year-old paralegal has three daughters from two marriages, including one who was an infant when she fled in May 2009.


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