Bon Jovi Gives Fan Surprise of a Lifetime

Carol Cesario, a New Jersey woman battling stage four lung cancer, has always dreamed of meeting Jon Bon Jovi. With the help of her daughter, Facebook, and some friends, Carol's dream became a surprise reality.

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Rosie Skripkunis
June 25, 2016: Carol Cesario thought she was going out to dinner with her family to Bon Jovi's restaurant in Toms River, New Jersey. Little did she know he would be there.
Rosie Skripkunis
After spending months in the hospital and feeling down, Carol's daughter Rosie made this makeshift sign and posted it to Facebook. With the help of a friend, Rosie was soon in contact with Bon Jovi's people, planning to make her mother's dream come true.
Rosie Skripkunis
"Oh my God!" Cesario yelled when she looked over and saw the popular singer standing next to her.
Rosie Skripkunis
After spending time with the family, Bon Jovi gave Carol an autographed guitar and book.
Rosie Skripkunis
Carol, right, who is battling stage four lung cancer, has dreamed of meeting Bon Jovi since her daughter, Rosie, was little.
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