David Chang

Good Samaritans Rescue Woman Trapped in Overturned Car

“By the grace of God other people stopped. And there was enough manpower to lift that car.”

A group of Good Samaritans, including a former police officer, jumped into action when they found a woman trapped in an overturned car on the Blue Route.

Matt Weachter was driving home Monday on I-476 when he spotted a convertible flipped on its side at mile marker 14 between Villanova and the Schuylkill Expressway.

“Out of the corner of my eye I saw a car flipping over onto the shoulder,” he said.

Weachter pulled over, parked and got out of his vehicle to investigate. Moments later he heard a woman trapped inside the car. Other drivers passing by also stopped and the group worked to rescue her.

“By the grace of God other people stopped,” he said. “And there was enough manpower to lift that car.”

The group flipped the vehicle on its side and then freed the woman.

“I gave my pocket knife to a guy closer to the convertible top,” Weachter said. “He told her to, ‘Get back, get back,’ and he cut the convertible top.”

Weachter said the woman didn’t say a word when the group pulled her out.

“It was a blank stare,” he said. “”Obvious and total shock.”

State Police say the woman refused medical treatment at the scene.

The incident stirred up familiar feelings for Weachter, a former police officer of 14 years.

“I’ve run into many difficult crashes,” he said. “That one was scary because of the entrapment factor.”

What began as a moment of fear turned into a rewarding story Weachter and his family will talk about for a long time.

“It felt like you just won a sports event,” he said. “There was lots of high-fives, handshakes, chest bumps and hugs. It’s a good thing to do good for other people.”

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