Lawmaker Apologizes, Angered by ‘Snow Response Failure' in Norristown

"Snow response failure."

That is how one lawmaker in Norristown described the snow removal plan in his town.

Councilman Marlon Millner took to his Facebook page and said the response by the municipality has been “unacceptable for a number of reasons.”

Millner started his post on Facebook writing "to the residents of Norristown, Pennsylvania, I want to apologize for the snow response failure of the municipality."

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NBC10’s Drew Smith traveled around Norristown early Monday morning in StormForce10. StormForce10 is a vehicle that is specially-designed to travel in treacherous conditions. Smith said even StormForce10 had difficulty maneuvering some of the streets.

At one point, StormForce10 was forced to reverse back down a street due to a car that was stuck and abandoned in the middle of Chain Street.

While riding around Norristown, Smith reports he did not see a single plow on the streets.

Larry Powell, a Norristown resident walking to work, offered this assessment to NBC10.

“Do something, that’s the best I can say. Plow the roads so it will be easier for the next person riding through the streets, Powell said.

Cars are buried in, but police will not begin issuing tickets until at least Wednesday.

Millner said he intends to speak with fellow members of City Council to propose changes to snow removal in the future.

“It now needs to be improved and revised clearly after the significant difficulties all of us have endured this weekend,” Millner wrote on Facebook.

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