Blind NJ Man Wants His Guns Back

Steven Hopler and his attorney went into a New Jersey courtroom with "guns blazing" Thursday. The blind man wants his firearms back

A New Jersey prosecutor says that a blind man who accidentally shot himself in the shin in 2008 should not be allowed to own guns. The man, who went blind because of diabetes complications, is fighting to keep all of his 14 licensed handguns.

Now it’s up to a judge.

Steven Hopler, 48, and his attorney went into Thursday’s court hearing with guns blazing.

Hopler’s attorney told the judge that his blind client is fit to keep his guns, as this isn’t his first time to the (courtroom) rodeo and he has met the requirement given by a previous court proceeding, reports the Daily Record of Parsippany.

The conditions set by the previous court included taking a National Rifle Association safety course and having an alcohol evaluation, all of which Hopler did, reports the Daily Record.

But Hopler’s guns, which were seized after he shot himself in the leg with a .347-calibur Smith & Wesson revolver on Oct. 7, 2008, were seized by police and yet to be returned, according to the Daily Record.

A court in 1994 allowed Hopler to purchase firearms and shoot them under strict conditions.

The court hearing is scheduled to resume on Dec. 8.

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