Blind, Howling Pug Charleston Chew's Apology to Neighbor Makes Noise Online

A Pittsburgh pug's apology for his separation anxiety-induced howling is making some noise.

The 11-year-old dog named Charleston Chew and his owner Sharla Wilson just moved into a new apartment.

She tells KDKA-TV Charleston is nearly blind and since his vision started going, his separation anxiety ramped up.

Since the move, he's been bumping into walls and will meander into a corner and start howling until she rescues him.

So Wilson wrote up an apology from Charleston and taped it to a neighbor's door. It explains he's old and very sorry for his howling.

Neighbor Megan Jones snapped a photo of the note and posted it on Twitter saying "You can howl all you want Charleston, honey!'"

The tweet has gotten nearly 450,000 likes as of Thursday and launched his internet fame (Twitter handle!).

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