Blind Date From Hell: Dinner and a Robbery

Men robbed at gunpoint on blind dates -- and it wasn’t their hearts that were stolen

As if blind dates weren’t bad enough, some local men looking for love experienced one of the worst scenarios in an already socially awkward situation.

They were robbed. And it wasn’t their hearts that were stolen.

Four area men were invited on separate blind dates in a scam that originated on a phone dating service named “Lava Life,” according to Bensalem Police.

On each date, the male victims took a woman named “Lisa” out to dinner at a Philadelphia restaurant. After dinner, Lisa invited each man back to her hotel room on Route 1 in Bensalem, Pa. There two men and another woman robbed the men at gunpoint, police say.

On March 5 Bensalem Police interrupted one of these robberies at the hotel.

Police arrested Lisa Sourbrine, Jennifer Partington, John Taimanglo and Tariq Martin on charges of armed robbery in the scam.

The first blind date robbery was reported on March 1, and two others occurred on March 4, police say.
Police believe that there have been other unreported robberies with this scenario. If you have any information call Bensalem Det. Keith Christie at 215.633.3660

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