Black Bear Spotted Near University of Delaware

Authorities believe this may be the same bear that was spotted in Philadelphia and Chester County, Pa. in recent days

Delaware authorities are tracking a black bear near the University of Delaware Thursday afternoon, police said.

The bear was spotted near Pomeroy Trail around Paper Mill Road and N. College and Cleveland Avenues in Newark, police said.

Police are investigating and warning pedestrians to stay clear of the animal if spotted.

There's been a series of bear sightings across the area over the past week. A black bear was seen swimming in Philadelphia's Wissahickon Creek last Friday.

This week, a bear was spotted in Chester County, Pennsylvania and also in New Castle County, Delaware -- near Thursday's sighting.

Authorities said all of the sightings could be of the same black bear who is traveling across the region looking for food ahead of the summer mating season.

Bear attacks are extremely rare but if you should come in contact with one, here are tips from the Pennsylvania Game commission:

  • Stay calm, walk away slowly, but talk to alert the bear to your presence.
  • If you come in close contact with the bear, walk backward slowly, facing the bear. But do not make direct eye contact. Wild bears typically only attack when provoked.
  • Don't climb or run as the bear can easily catch up.
  • If the bear does attack, fight back by throwing rocks, sticks and other debris.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.

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