Bizarre Story Behind Baby Abduction

Woman tells old flame the baby is hers and he's the father, police said

Nikina Lazenby will be reunited with her abducted baby boy Wednesday after a day of frantically searching for one-year-old Tremaine. 

"I just thank God that my son is alright," said Nikina when police found Tremaine Peak two states away in Germantown, Maryland Tuesday. 

The little boy was taken by a friend of Nikina's, who went out for a stroll with Tremaine Monday night and never returned, according to police. Investigators unraveled a bizarre story to track down Tremaine.

When Perez, 20, took the little boy for a walk, she went by an old boyfriend's house and told him she was Tremaine's mother. She then dropped the bombshell that he was the father, police said. The man believed her and vowed to take responsibility for the baby.

"He says 'I gotta do the right thing, I'm moving down there [Germantown, Md.] and we're leaving tonight,'" said Lt. John Walker. "She bathes the baby and at 1 a.m. they head down to Maryland."

Once investigators understood what was going on, they picked up the phone and called the man to explain the situation. He and Perez set up a time to meet with FBI officials in Maryland to return the baby boy.

At the meeting, Perez handed Tremaine to FBI agents, jumped into a waiting car and sped off. Authorities are looking for her. They don't believe her ex-boyfriend is guilty of a crime, but he could brush up on his math skills. They said the baby was too old to be his child.

Nikina had only angry words for Perez. "She disgusts me…I'm very furious, because I feel betrayed."

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