Teeth-Chattering, Dangerous Cold: It’s Going to Feel Like Zero or Even More Frigid

The year will end with dangerously cold conditions. The NBC10 First Alert Weather Team has issued a First Alert from Wednesday night through Friday morning. The cold will stick around into the New Year.

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The frigid cold that has frozen the Philadelphia region is about to become even worse leading to a First Alert for dangerous cold for the entire region from Wednesday night through Friday morning.
Dangerous cold continues to deliver numbing wind-chills and stinging, biting breezes. For this reason, the NBC10 First Alert Weather Team continues the First Alert for dangerous cold through 8 a.m. Friday. The combination of the bitterly cold temperatures combined with breezy weather will make for life-threatening conditions if for anyone spending extended amounts of time outside.
While Thursday is downright painful to be outside, Friday will not be and that’s because there will be less wind. While you’ll still need to bundle up, the air will feel a lot less painful & awful.
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Light to moderate snow will cause slippery travel from Minneapolis to Chicago Thursday. Another storm system will crash into the Pacific Northwest causing potential travel delays in Seattle. The rest of the country is mainly quiet with the exception of the bitter air and numbing temperatures across the northern part of the United States.
Single digit temperatures were recorded in parts of South Jersey, the northern & western Pennsylvania suburbs, and in the Poconos. Mount Pocono had the coldest morning low of our region: 1 degree.
The coldest wind chill on Thursday morning was at Mount Pocono at around 9 a.m. when the reading was -20 degrees. The entire area was facing the wicked feel of the arctic breeze, despite plenty of sunshine.
SNOW EXPECTED: Light snow may start as early as Saturday morning as a clipper system moves into the area. Since the ground is so cold, snow will stick immediately when it starts falling.
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Light to moderate snow and snow showers will continue midday Saturday. While the snow won’t be heavy, untreated roads and surfaces will quickly become slippery.
Snow will exit the area by early Saturday evening. Right now accumulations should range from a coating to 2-inches. For most areas, this will not be a plow-worthy snow. You’re encouraged to keep checking for updates on NBC10 and the NBC10 app just in case we need to adjust the snow totals up or down based on new information.
After Saturday’s light snow departs, brutally cold air will rush back into the area Sunday into Monday. This round of cold will likely be even worse than what we're feeling this week. There’s a high likelihood that the NBC10 First Alert Weather Team will have to issue a new First Alert for the extreme cold on Sunday and Monday.
Eagles fans will endure brutal cold for the game on Sunday despite a sky full of sunshine. Anyone attending the game or tailgating are strongly advised to dress in multiple layers, take breaks inside, and stay hydrated. The warmest temperatures will feel during the game will be around 10 degrees.
The final hours of 2017 will be painfully cold. Unfortunately, that pain won’t be erased at midnight. The biting sensations will continue right into New Year’s Day when the temperature may not reach 20 degrees, even in Philadelphia.
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