Billboards on Atlantic County Roadways Support Gun-Carrying Philly Mom

The single mother of two was arrested after she told a police officer she was carrying a legally owned gun during a traffic stop in New Jersey.

Billboards are dotting several major New Jersey roadways in support of a Philadelphia mother who is facing weapons charges after she voluntarily told police she had a legally owned gun in her vehicle during a minor traffic stop.

The New Jersey Second Amendment Society, the Second Amendment Foundation and Gun Talk Radio raised approximately $4,000 to purchase four massive signs located on Route 322 and Route 40 in Atlantic County after some of the members from the gun rights advocacy organization learned of Shaneen Allen's story.

"We saw injustice," said Frank Jack Fiamingo, New Jersey Second Amendment Society president.

Twenty-seven-year-old Allen, of Philadelphia, told police officers she had a handgun in her car and presented her concealed carry permit for Pennsylvania when she was pulled over for a routine traffic stop in Atlantic County, N.J. in October 2013.

But her Pennsylvania gun license has no bearing in New Jersey and instead of receiving a ticket, Allen was arrested.

Authorities charged the single mother of two with unlawful possession of a weapon and hollow point bullets. If convicted, she could face up to 10 years in prison.

"When she crossed the border into New Jersey, she was not involved in a crime," Fiamingo said. "You travel into New Jersey with a gun at your own peril."

Superior Court Judge Michael Donio and Atlantic County Prosecutor Jim McClain initially denied Allen entry into Atlantic County's Pretrial Intervention program, which would keep her from serving jail time and expunged her record of any charges.

Their decision came under fire after former NFL player Ray Rice was allowed into the program after he knocked his fiancee unconscious in a Revel Casino elevator in February.

"When you compare the crimes, he punches his girlfriend out," Fiamingo said, "she crossed the border from Pennsylvania into New Jersey."

McClain later sent Allen a letter stating her trial was postponed while he reviews his office's position on the matter.

Meanwhile the billboards continue to draw passing drivers' attention to Allen's case.

Along with the funds donated for the campaign, another approximately $2,000 was raised to help  Allen with her finances as she fights the charges.

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